In May, London’s fabulous Chelsea area is transformed into a breath-taking floral display for the world class ‘Chelsea in Bloom’ annual floral art show. To mark this special occasion, in 2018 REDValentino has teamed up with illustrator and printmaker Ollie St Clair Terry to create a unique t-shirt design around the show’s theme ‘Summer of Love’. Summer of Love has been inspired by the Royal Wedding and the 60s/70s cultural revolution from the Palace to the Kings Road!
In this project I worked as Art Director and Motion Graphic Artist for the production of social teasers, a video-interview and a photo shoot of the floral installation. The motion graphic videos used as teasers for the project are a result of a collaboration between REDValentino e Ollie.
The goal was focused on narrating this collaboration but moreover to talk about the installation created for the REDValentino store in occasion of Chelsea in Bloom's floral competition.
"Once I was happy with my initial drawing I started to carve the blue layer of the print out of lino. Once this was complete, using my print press I printed the lino onto paper and then transferred this design onto another block of lino. On this block I carved out all but the red areas of the print. Once I had finished carving out both blocks I printed the designs on top of each other on the same piece of paper. The areas where both the blue and red overlap creates the black colour in the design."
Ollie St Clair Terry, the artist behind the special Chelsea In Bloom t-shirt, based in Cambridge, is specialized in the traditional method of relief printing that creates bright and bold prints with an emphasis on pattern and punchy colours. Ollie draws most of his inspiration from flora, fauna and folklore from around the world. For this year’s celebration, he has specially depicted for REDValentino, a colored butterfly from a wild and enchanted realm. Butterflies are overwhelming, cultural myths and are honored worldwide as symbol of transformation and change because of their impressive process of metamorphosis. Grace, soul, elegance, lightness, are just some of the messages this beautiful insect brings.
Credits: ARTIST | Ollie St Claire Terry // VIDEO | The Jack Stupid
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