For the yearly celebration of Chelsea in Bloom, REDValentino has interpreted the 2019 theme ‘Under the sea’, with a special installation in store with floral designer Larry Walshe and teaming up with the the papermaker artist Poppy Papercuts for a unique capsule.
During the 2019 Chelsea in Bloom celebration had been transformed REDValentino’s store, designed by architect and designer India Mahdavi, in a dreamy underwater scenery created with a variety of unique protea, chrysanthemums, platicerums, also had been celebrating the launch of a limited-edition  t-shirt and camera bag designed in collaboration with British papercut artist Poppy Chancellor, a.k.a Poppy’s Papercuts.
In this project I worked as Art Director and Motion Graphic Artist for the production of social teasers, a video-interview and a photo shoot of the floral installation. 
The goal was focused on narrating this collaboration but moreover to talk about the installation created for the REDValentino store in occasion of Chelsea in Bloom's floral competition.
"The things that inspire me are friendship, the female body, beauty, my family, my mother...
Anyone who is strong, and I like to have that boldness in my work also.
I especially love to working in black and with and a hint of red.
I usually make sketches first and then I sit down and meticulously make the papercuts design."
Credits: ARTIST | Poppy Papercuts // VIDEO | The Jack Stupid
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