Cristina is a "creative person" based in Italy. My mission was to create a brand identity that reflects the key elements of the brand: modern, fresh and unique.
Cristina creates different handmade pieces but mainly she embraces the very old tradition of handmade patchwork with a delicate touch of modernity. The patchwork design is usually based on a repetition of patterns built up with different fabric shapes. She creates objects that seek tradition mixed with elegance. Each of Cristina’s creations is made of exquisite materials, a detail-focused masterpiece.
My aim was to capture the brand’s essence in a simple, elegant and recognizable way. Starting from the calligraphic name I created a pattern made of petals that create a delicate dance around the logo. I extracted a little flower bud that has become part of the name and is used as considerable element in the icon version. The color palette is dominated by shades of pink complemented with elegant turquoise for a vibrant and elegant result.
FONT: Brain Flower
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