REDValentino believes in the power of communication, imagination and creativity. In the unusual times during the Covid-19 lockdown RED(V) worked for his social networks's community keeping them motivated even though we lived an unprecedented situation of constrain, where keeping in touch and communicating digitally through every possible channel became extremely important for everyone.
Taking inspiration from the Spring/Summer 2020 colorful patterns dedicated to flora and fauna, RED(V) selected three artist friends: Charlotte Farmer, Ollie ST Clair Terry and Matteo Giuntini to reinterpret with their own unique style the mood of the brand by creating original stamps.
Birds, butterflies, wild flowers are iconic reminiscence of lightheartedness, a route to freedom and happiness.
In this project I worked as Art Director and Motion Graphic Artist for the production of the social network channels creativity package.
1.     Click the link in bio and download a dedicated template
2.    Upload the template on IG stories and write your message.
3.    Add one or more of the three stamps by searching redvstamp in the gif section.
4.    Tag @redvalentino, #DearestRED.
5.    Challenge your friends by tagging them.
STAMP ARTIST | Charlotte Farmer
STAMP ARTIST | Ollie St Claire Terry
STAMP ARTIST | Matteo Giuntini
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