REDValentino during the 2018 Design Week in Milan presented T-Bloom a project created in collaboration with the interior designer and architect India Mahdavi, where at the base of everything there is the romanticism of a newly blossomed flower. 
The RED(V)store itself has been designed by India and it's a dialogue characterized by liveliness and daring combinations. A story that deals with creativity, irreverence and determination. It is with this energetic and lively spirit that the Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli developed the new concept store together with the interior designer and architect India Mahdavi. Visual and tactile contrasts that animate the multifaceted environment. White, pink and ocher as unifying symbols. 
In this project I worked as Art Director and Motion Graphic Artist for the production of social teasers, e-vite and newsletter, and the photo shooting of the special item in store. The motion graphic videos were used as teasers for the project based on the image of the India Mahadavi creation.
"A flower that blooms in an explosion of colors to celebrate the vitality of spring"India Mahdavi
Credits: PHOTO | BHM studio // ARTIST | India Mahadavi
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