Ennefoto is the brand of Laura Novara, a successful photographer based in Milan and active in Europe. She asked me to create a new brand identity that reflected the new style she developed in her works.
She relied on me for this project of rebranding because she felt that the style, the approach and the projects needed to be represented in a completely new way.
Laura gave me three inspirational key points where to start from:
1 | Simplicity: as her pictures and her approach to life.
2 | Uniqueness: as the photoshoots for her clients.
3 | Bright color: for a load of sparkling energy.
After a bit of research I decided that even the perfect font for the logo had to be unique as she requested in one of her key point, so I created it handmade. I went back to designed it with calligraphic pen and ink.
The result is an harmonious calligraphic golden logo that highlights immediately at the observer the positive energy, radiance and uniqueness of the portraits that Laura Novara likes to capture.
FONT: Avenir
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