Raffaella Ferrari is a “wedding designer” based in Alessandria, Italy.Raffaella creates projects which help her customers to fill the most important moments with the scent of flowers and creative arrangements.
From a passion her business has become a true floral & creative workshop where she creates magic. Inspired by the beauty and simplicity of nature she produces original flower arrangements in order to make beautiful memories of a special day, but it's in floral setting where she gives the best of herself.
Each time she brings her taste, research and passion creating events that are memorable.
She asked me to create a new brand identity that reflects her new style she developed in her works through time.
Raffaella's essence is the simplicity, creativity and even a little bit of fun, so I decided to develop a floral theme, clear referral to her job, and I chose to hand drawn the wreath for a ludic and elegant result. For the name I used three type of fonts, from the calligraphic to the sans-serif, mark of change but even of the eclectic nature of Raffaella.
The color palette is dominated by a classic but evergreen black.
FONT: Amberlight // Always here // Lato
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